Miami-Dade Online Academy 2017-2018 School Calendar

August 21, 2017 First Day of school
October Testing for Re-takers, PSAT for 10th and 11th graders
October 3rd Mandatory Face-to-Face Meeting for Grade 12th and Parents
October 10th Mandatory Face-to-Face Meeting for 10th and 11th Graders and Parents
October 20th is the 45 days first quarter
October 24th Mandatory Face-to-Face Meeting for 8th and 9th Grade and Parents
November 1st - Teachers Email Progress Reports and Academic Probation letters out to parents
November 7th Mandatory Face-to-Face Meeting for 6th and 7th Grade and Parents
November 23rd and 24th Thanksgiving Holiday
December 5th Mandatory Face-to-Face Meeting for 4th and 5th Grade and Parents
December 11th Teachers email Failure Notice
December 25th through January 5th Winter Break Holiday
January – April 3rd Grade Portfolio
January 9th Last Day of first semester (90th Day)
January 10th First Day of 2nd Semester
January 16th Mandatory Face-to-Face Meeting for Kindergarten – 1st Grade and Parents
January 17th -23th meetings with parents to officially review appropriate placement
Notify parents to go to portal for first semester grades
February 6th Mandatory Face-to-Face Meeting for 2nd and 3rd Grade and Parents
March – May TESTING FSA, EOC, FCAT and Re-takers
March – July Enrollment for 2018-2019
March 13th is the 45th day of second semester
March 23rd Teachers send Progress Report go out and Academic Probation Letters
March 26th - 30th Spring Break Holiday
May 2nd schedule appointments with seniors for May 22-26
May 3rd Teachers send Failure Notice Go out to K-11 parents
May 3rd Last day of senior turn-in work
May 15th Grades and Official Attendance of Seniors to us
May 22-26 Senior Graduation Review
May 22th day 90th of school
May 22 Last day of K-11
May 31st-June 12th meetings with parents to officially review appropriate placement
Notify parents to go to portal for Second semester grades



Imagine Your Child...
Miami-Dade Online (MDO) Academy is a Miami-Dade County Public School offering students a comprehensive K-12 full-time virtual educational program providing, anytime, anywhere learning. This virtual and interactive learning environment is student-centered and academically individualized to build educational capacity. We service a diverse population of learners. This approach encourages students to be self-directed and take charge of their education. MDO Academy uses technology to maximize learning and ultimately empowers students to positively impact their world and become responsible citizens. divider What's Next
Enrollment for the 2017-2018 school year will open in March 6, 2017. Interested parents should review the Miami-Dade Online Academy’s Website for eligibility, parent commitment, and school policies. For additional questions, please contact the school at 305-995-1257.