Family Commitment

 Parent Responsibilities:

  • Attendance: Every minute a student spends online or offline working on their approved Miami-Dade Online Academy courses, time accumulates into hours of attendance. The parent is responsible for their child’s attendance as required by law. School Board Policy 5200 on Attendance states that absences of more than three days must be reported to the school by the parent/guardian.  If the student is absent for any reason, parents must ensure that the child completes make-up assignments for all absences from their teachers upon return to their online academic program. Parents will be required to submit a Miami Dade Online Academy Virtual Academic Schedule form to plan for any make-up or progress that will occur while the student is absent from Miami Dade County. If a student has excessive absences of more than 15 days, the parent is responsible for appearing before the Attendance Review Committee at the scheduled time to provide information relating to their child’s absences and to support prescribed activities.   A student with excessive absences and/or failing will be withdrawn from this Magnet program to the student’s residential school. Note:  If the attendance is entered and the schoolwork does not equate to the attendance, the attendance entered will be immediately removed, and the Truancy process will be activated.
  • Monitor Their Student’s Time in School: Students in grades K-3 must attend at 720 hours in the required six courses (four hours per day of instruction) a year. By the end of the week, the student must have accumulated at least a total of 20 hours. Parents must login to enter the student’s time and monitor the daily assignments. Students in grades 4-12 must attend at least 900 hours in the required six courses (six hours per day on instruction) a year. By the end of the week, the student must have accumulated at least a total of 30 hours. Parents must login every day to enter the student’s time, and monitor the daily assignments.
  • Monitor Their Student’s Assignments and Assessments: In lieu of the daily presence of a face-to-face teacher, parents should take the lead in guiding the students through the curriculum, submission of assignments, practicing FSA assimilations, online class sessions, producing projects, reviewing for quizzes and tests, as well as making sure they participate in the state tests. Students who do not participate in required testing will be withdrawn from the school immediately without official grades and not allowed to enroll in Miami-Dade Online Academy for the following year.

Student Responsibilities:

The goal of every child should be that of a “model student.” A model student is expected to be present at school every day, follow scheduled courses, and demonstrate appropriate behavior and a readiness to learn. Student’s responsibilities as defined by Board Policy 5200 - Attendance: 

  • Attend classes one hundred and eighty (180) days each school year or the number of instructional days prescribed for the school the student attends.  Students in grades K-3 must clock in 20 hours a week of virtual education including each of the six courses.  Students in grades 4-12 must clock in 30 hours a week of virtual instruction.
  • Request the make-up assignments for all excused absences/tardiness from teachers upon return to school or class within three (3) days. It should be noted that all class work, due to the nature of instruction, is not readily subject to make-up work. 
  • Complete the make-up assignments for classes missed. Failure to make-up all assignments will result in a lower assessment of the student's academic progress and/or effort grade.
  • Participate in appropriate State of Florida tests. 
  • Complete all required school days, assignments, quizzes, tests, and projects before the end of each semester.





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Enrollment for the 2019-2020 school year will open in March 2019. Interested parents should review the Miami-Dade Online Academy’s Website for eligibility, parent commitment, and school policies. For additional questions, please contact the school at 305-995-1257.