The Enrollment Process at Miami-Dade Online Academy consist of the following procedures:

Applicant Eligibility: 

  1. Parents and students must review the Family Commitment and Eligibility Requirements found in the MDO website to determine if they are eligible and understand the commitment necessary to successfully implement this program. 
  2. Parents and students must apply during the Open Enrollment period between March and July.
  3. The Admission Office reviews the application, student’s eligibility, and academic records.  Students that do not qualify will be notified by email.
  4. Pre-Approved applicants will receive an email and commitment letter with instructions of the next steps.  Failure to comply to the next steps will move the student’s status to Declined.


Pre-Approved Applicants

  1. Parents must submit the required documents via an email in a PDF format to the Admission’s Office.  All documents must be submitted before the student’s application is considered for enrollment in MDO.
  2. The Admission’s office will review the submitted documents and schedule a face-to-face date to officially register the student in our school.  Parent must bring in the original documents submitted to the scheduled face-to-face meeting.  Students are photographed for a picture identification card to be used at testing facilities and various meetings. 
  3. Prior to the face-to-face meeting parents and students may choose from a list of MDO approved providers to deliver the online curriculum and services.  MDO only chooses virtual curriculum providers that have researched-based educational curriculum approved by the State of Florida.  At MDO, parents and students have four options:  Provider #1- K 12 (K through 12 online curriculum), #2 Connection Learning (K-8 online curriculum) and Option #4 is an out-of-county- transfer to the Broward County Virtual Program (K-12) or Palm Beach County Virtual Program (K-12).   After the parent and student have reviewed the providers’ offerings, they must choose one and enter the provider’s website to create an account with the provider.  (FS 1002.45)


Enrolled Status:

Upon completion of the above requirements, the face-to-face registration process, the students and parent will be required to attend a four-hour face-to-face training.  At this training, the families will receive an overview of the program, responsibilities of the student, parent monitoring best practices, rules and regulations of how to run a public school in your home and hands-on training on the online provider’s program.  At this meeting the school counselor will guide the student in selecting the 6 virtual online course.   



Imagine Your Child...
Miami-Dade Online (MDO) Academy is a Miami-Dade County Public School offering students a comprehensive K-12 full-time virtual educational program providing, anytime, anywhere learning. This virtual and interactive learning environment is student-centered and academically individualized to build educational capacity. We service a diverse population of learners. This approach encourages students to be self-directed and take charge of their education. MDO Academy uses technology to maximize learning and ultimately empowers students to positively impact their world and become responsible citizens. divider What's Next
Enrollment for the 2019-2020 school year will open in March 2019. Interested parents should review the Miami-Dade Online Academy’s Website for eligibility, parent commitment, and school policies. For additional questions, please contact the school at 305-995-1257.