Student Eligibility

Students are only eligible for Miami-Dade Online Academy, the district’s virtual instruction program if they are residing in Florida and meet the following conditions as specified by §.1002.455, Florida Statutes and the Miami-Dade County Public Schools Magnet Application Eligibility Standards:




Students eligibility for K-12 virtual instruction

All students, including home education and private school students, are eligible to participate in the School district operated full-time kindergarten through grade 12 virtual instruction programs under FS 1002.45(1)(b).

The school district will verify the student’s age in accordance with FS 1003.21, the Miami-Dade County Public School Board Policy 5112, Student Progress Plan, and the Initial Registration Procedures Handbook.



Magnet Criteria

  • Student must have a 2.5 minimum cumulative GPA in all Core Courses
  • Student can have a maximum of 5 unexcused absences per semester and no more than 10 per school year

The school will verify the student’s GPA and unexcused absences by reviewing the student’s previous report cards.




Enrollment Requirements

  • The parent must email PDF files of required documents
  • Both the parent and student must bring the original documents to a scheduled appointment and register
  • Parent and student must attend a scheduled four-hour training at the school
  • The student must have an FSA score of 2 or higher
  • Seniors must have passed the required EOC and FSA tests
  • The student must not have “D” or “D” grades in any core classes.


The school will verify that the student meets these requirements by taking note of timely and appropriate submissions of required documents, attendance and positive participation during the mandatory four-hour training, and checking the state test scores on the integrated student information system (ISIS).






Imagine Your Child...
Miami-Dade Online (MDO) Academy is a Miami-Dade County Public School offering students a comprehensive K-12 full-time virtual educational program providing, anytime, anywhere learning. This virtual and interactive learning environment is student-centered and academically individualized to build educational capacity. We service a diverse population of learners. This approach encourages students to be self-directed and take charge of their education. MDO Academy uses technology to maximize learning and ultimately empowers students to positively impact their world and become responsible citizens. divider What's Next
Enrollment for the 2019-2020 school year will open in March 2019. Interested parents should review the Miami-Dade Online Academy’s Website for eligibility, parent commitment, and school policies. For additional questions, please contact the school at 305-995-1257.